Botas Deeluxe Empire TF 2017

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This softboots are sheer luxury for your feet!

If you consider the entire mountain your domain, the Deeluxe Empire awaits you. Our flagship boot features a timeless, asymmetrical design for pushing progression. From kickers to cliffs, the Empire can handle it all.

Thermo Flex Innenschuh 
This liner is heat-formed to your foot. It is placed in a special oven that is heated between 90-110°C. While cooling, the liner is fitted to your foot and will retain its form. Consequently, we recommend you have your liners professionally molded to guarantee the perfect fit.

Key Technologies

  • Asymmetrical shell construction supports your feet naturally
  • SCL lacing system maximizes performance, comfort, and convenience
  • A gel cushion in the sole eliminates bad vibes and absorbs shock


  • Dupont® surlyn Highback
  • D-Tex Membrane
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Powerstrap
  • Section Control Lacing
  • Asym Flex
  • Optional TPs shield
  • Conweb
  • Performance Rating: 7
  • Flex rate: 7+

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